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We are based in Machynlleth in Powys and have many years experience in successfully treating back and neck pain. Our special interest is in the long term restoration of function with physical therapy and not just providing a short term quick fix.

Springback is in a comfortable, friendly, well-equipped, and conveniently positioned premises in Machynlleth, Powys, right next to the entrance to the main car park just off Maengwyn Street. The train station is within easy walking distance.

This specialist clinic developed and uses advanced spinal technology¬†to remobilise the individual joints of the spine and restore their “Spring” (reflex/tone).

Many Patients declare that they are “Pain Free” and “Active” after experiencing many years of chronic debilitating back and neck pain.¬†
“Success at last” after all other treatments have failed. Intrigued? Arrange a Free Consultation, to find out more call 01654 702959.

The Management Of Back Pain And The Avoidance Of Disability

The first step to getting your life back is to understand the cause of your problem and the remedy. The resolution of severe cases has been made possible by new research which identified the cause of the complaint and the remedy. Consequently, this route leads on from the proof to an account of this research entitled THE MANAGEMENT OF BACK PAIN AND THE AVOIDANCE OF DISABILITY. It is a lot of reading but, for the chronic back pain sufferer, it is hard to think of anything more important. You can take your time and read your way through this site as often as you like. It is life changing. Many chronic back pain sufferers can make a prompt and lasting recovery without treatment. However, mismanagement of your complaint may have led to complications. If your condition has developed to what is described in the text as Stage 4, you will need specialist treatment. There are contact details for the Springback clinic.

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