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Pioneering Back Treatment Gives Linda New Lease Of Life

“Before the treatment with Bethan, I was suffering from terrible back pain, occasional loss of feeling in my left leg and numbness in my feet”

Shrewsbury artist Linda Stanyer has been given a new lease of life thanks to a pioneering back treatment that has restored her to good health after nine years of pain.

Linda, 46, from Shrewsbury, broke her spine in a car accident in 2001 and her condition was exacerbated when a drink driver crashed into the rear of her car at red traffic lights in 2006.

Physiotherapy traction and a course of osteopathy provided only temporary relief from the pain until she discovered Bethan Humphreys Riley at Springback clinic in February last year.

Following a course of intensive treatment with Mrs Humphreys Riley, Linda was soon on the road to recovery and she has been going for six monthly top ups since September last year. She says her life has been transformed.

“Before the treatment with Bethan, I was suffering from terrible back pain, occasional

loss of feeling in my left leg and numbness in my feet,” she explained. “The numbness was so bad that one Christmas I had a drawing pin in a toe on my left foot and I didn’t know it was there.

“Now my back feels like it was prior to both car accidents. Bethan’s treatment really has made the world of difference.

“I have lots of beautiful high heel shoes that I could never wear after the accidents because it caused me so much pain. Now I am wearing them again.

“Before the treatment I could only walk for 20 minutes before I had to stop because of back pain. This weekend, I’m going for a four-hour walk.

“Car travel is another thing that used to cause me problems. For example, it took me a week to recover after driving to London and back. Following the treatment, my partner and I drove 2,000 miles to Spain and back without any ill effects.

“There were times when I felt like a 70-year-old woman but now I feel 21 again. I have lots of energy and there isn’t anything that I cannot do.”

Mrs Humphreys Riley said she was delighted that Springback treatment had transformed Linda’s life by restoring flexibility to the spine so that she could regain her natural posture without pain.

“It is a shame that Linda was not recommended to come for Springback treatment soon after her accidents to prevent the years of misery coping with severe back pain that was gradually getting worse despite spending much time and money on ineffective treatments

“I recently attended her wonderful exhibition of art at The Bear Steps Gallery and am delighted that she can enjoy and explore her many talents now that she is pain free and active.

“It seems to be very difficult these days to get a new treatment recognised by the NHS which could save it so much money and help the many millions of people suffering with this problem, including our footballers and athletes.”


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