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“It has helped me very much. I was feeling so ill with all the pain, from my shoulder blades right down my back. I would have been in a wheelchair in time as my whole spine was locked up. I am so thankful to Bethan for all her treatments. I will keep coming every six months.”

Pat from Newtown

“When I first went to Bethan for treatment I had a bad back pain and could hardly walk. After two treatments I was much better and have continued to have PAM treatment every six months. In the past I have always suffered from back pain but now I am pain free.”

Sian from Aberystwyth

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Is the treatment safe?

There is no physical therapy that treats a damaged spine  can claim to be 100% safe as there is always the unknown risk.

Generally this mobilisation technique is much safer and effective than spinal manipulation as the aim of the treatment is to restore the dormant spinal muscles to reactivate and realign the bony vertebrae (pre-rotated usually by a traumatic rotational injury to the spine, such as experienced in a car accident). The micro manipulator uses air pressure rather than pushing solid pistons into the back and the counter pressure from the human operator does the work. The micro manipulator is only an intuitive tool for the therapist. Spinal surgeons agree that these pre rotated joints cannot normally be freed by hand. Therefore spinal manipulation only clicks the mobile joints not the stuck ones hence no long term benefit.

it is worth reading Prof Edzard Ernst blog to read about effectiveness of present treatments for backpain


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